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Neurology or Neuro ICU (Neuro + NSG) before NSG subI
Posted: 16 March 2012 06:30 AM  
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Posted: 16 March 2012 01:00 PM  
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I think it would be more worthwhile to be in the ICU where you can learn about subarachnoid hemorrhage, vents, the other vents, hyperosmolar therapy, etc., and really refine your neuro exam patients who aren’t AAOx4 (read: get comfortable with using painful stimuli to get an exam). Plus, it’s a great place to learn procedures (central lines, chest tubes, and EVDs), as long as you are persistent and a neurosurgery intern isn’t there at the same time.

I don’t think you’d be asked to set a vent, but you’ll definitely have patients on it.

Posted: 17 March 2012 05:14 AM  
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I second that. During your sub-I, the residents will really be observing your exam skills on critically ill patients every morning. They want to see that you can quickly adapt your exam based on the condition of the patient. If you spend a month in the ICU, practice your exam and be able to present it in a straightforward and logical progression.

Have fun on the Sub-I and best of luck!

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